b'Community Resource Guide Summer 2022 Edition Visit www.Ketchikan123.org for an expanded directory This resource guide is produced by the Ketchikan Wellness Coalitionwith special thanks to the following:Thank you to the contributors for the front page. Photo Credits Top: Community Connections Middle Left: Women In Safe Homes (WISH) Middle Right: Southeast Alaska Independent Living (SAIL) Bottom: Felix Alexander Wong *PLEASE DO NOT COPY*To request additional copies please contact: [email protected] This program is funded by Ketchikan Wellness Coalition through its 3-year State of Alaska DHSS Comprehensive Behavioral Health Prevention and Early Intervention Services grant number 602-207-23005. Ketchikan Wellness Coalition is also funded in part by grants from the City of Ketchikan, the Ketchikan Gateway Borough, individuals, foundations, and other corporate sponsors, the Federal Government (5-year Federal Drug-Free Communities support grant number SP020550), and a State of Alaska DHSS Reducing Recidivism grant (602-240-23005).'