What is this game?!

The Ketchikan Goose Chase is a community wide scavenger hunt riddled with quirky missions, adventures, prizes, and FUN for the whole community to join!  Missions are suitable for varying skill levels. There is something for everyone: families, kids at heart, the “competitive” team, those that love physical challenges, and those that love to solve a riddle.  The beauty is with so many missions available to complete, there will be endless opportunities to earn points to be the TOP GOOSE!  For questions, please email [email protected]

How to Play


  • Mission types include: Photo, video, or text.
  • New missions can be added at anytime and some may be time limited (e.g. available 4 hours) – the app will notify teams when available.
  • Some missions will have bonus points for “best in show” (judged by our panel)
  • Missions may have a “prize draw” associated with it!
  • Some missions require the whole team, some can be completed by individual team members
  • Missions have different points values, based on complexity, hilarity, or just because.
  • Missions will be judged and points can be given or reduced – so be sure to do your best!

Game Details

It’s time for the annual Goose Chase Scavenger Hunt! Registration opens Monday, July 3rd, and closes Sunday, July 16th. Follow the link to register and pay. If you have any questions email [email protected] or call

Mission Prizes

Special Mission Prizes are provided by the following businesses:

  •  Power of Wellness
  • Out to Sea Expedition

Watch the promotion video for the Goose Chase 2020 – some things have changed since then (no GPS and no family prize) BUT they explain what to expect when playing the game!

Register Your Team!


Registration & Teams Questions

Can we have multiple phones?
Yes! Each team member who has a phone should download the app and use it to play.
How does our team work?
Multiple mobile devices can join the game together under one team profile. When a player completes a mission that mission is marked complete for their whole team.
Can we join the game after it starts?
YES! Because missions are points based you could still win if you join late but complete high scoring missions or complete a lot.  There are also mission specific prizes you’d be eligible for if you complete those. The game runs from July 9th-18th.
Can I join after the event has started?
Absolutely! There are plenty of opportunities to earn points throughout the week, and you still have a chance of becoming the top goose. It’s not over until it’s over!

Prize Questions

How do we win a “grand prize”?

The teams with the most points earned from missions and bonus points will be crowned the top goose of the game!  We have three grand prizes – $500, $250, $150 for the top three teams.

How do we win a “Mission Prize”?
If you complete a mission associated with a prize, your team will be entered into a drawing. The drawing will occur after the close of the game and winners will be notified.
In some cases the mission prize will be awarded for “best in show” and either KWC staff or the sponsor will select the winner.

Mission & Submission Questions

Can I upload a photo/video from my phone’s camera roll?
All photos and video must be taken directly in the GooseChase mobile app. This ensures the mission is being completed during the game period.
How long are video submissions?
Video submissions can be up to 15 seconds long.
Can I edit a submission?
Yes! The top right corner has an “edit” button if you need to take a different photo, picture, or edit your written submission.
How do I know my written answer is correct?
Some written answers (riddles) will only accept the correct answer. Some written answers will accept any text – and you’ll only know if you are incorrect if we delete the submission and let you try again! Other written answers do not require a “correct” answer and we judge if they meet the mission requirement.
Can we use personal photos from before?
No, all submissions must be completed during the game period.
Do all team members need to do all missions together?
No! Some missions do require all team members to be together but there are many missions that can be completed individually. BUT, we always love seeing the teams working together 🙂
Bonus points and Point Reductions
Judges will be reviewing submissions throughout the game – and if the submission is ineligible we will delete it and give you another opportunity to earn those points with a valid entry! Sometimes the judges determine there are bonus points to be had and will issue those. Sometimes the judges will determine that a points reduction is applicable, usually due to incorrect answer, not following the rules, or a poor response quality.