Prevent the harms of substance misuse through education, intervention, and advocacy.

Our Mission

A community where we prevent alcohol and substance misuse, support recovery, and confront stigma.​

A vital local coalition dedicated to promoting prevention and substance misuse resources to the community through data-based programming focusing on prevention, education, and support. The members of the task force are volunteers from various walks of life; from the counselors to mothers of recovering addicts, all coming together for the good of the community. It will take all of us working together to achieve a Drug-Free Community.


  • Youth Engagement

    We empower youth to support their peers in living a substance free life through education, leadership, and mentorship.

  • Education

    We partner with KGBSD to implement education within the schools.

  • Community Outreach

    Providing information, resources, tools, and support to the community.

  • Narcan Training

    We provide training and Naloxone kits to help reduce opioid deaths.

Ketchikan Youth for Change

Ketchikan Youth for Change began in 2021 during the pandemic as a student led organization dedicated to substance use prevention. KYFC is funded and supported by the Ketchikan Wellness Coalition. Their mission is to spread awareness about substance use prevention and homelessness. To further their mission, KYFC travels to the CADCA Mid-Year conference annually to learn about the latest data in substance use prevention and to learn new ways to help their community. With the knowledge gained at these conferences, KYFC puts on many community events and presentations, including their annual Sleep-Out Fundraiser for people experiencing homelessness, and events such as, Stop and Plan Your Ride, Hidden in Plain Sight, Ghost Out, and presentations at local elementary schools during Red Ribbon Week and White Out Week.

To support Ketchikan Youth for Change, including their travel to CADCA Mid-Year,

Current Activities & Initiatives

Naloxone Training

Take this 10 minute training to learn how to save a life!  Schedule a private training or one for your group/workplace today.

Positive Ticketing

A program involving law enforcement that encourages positive behavior in youth along with fostering connection and building positive relationships between youth and law enforcement. Local law enforcement carry around positive tickets and “catch” youth engaging in good behavior around town and serve them with a positive ticket. These tickets are redeemable at KPD for a $10 gift card to local businesses.

Sticker Shock

A program in collaboration with local alcohol distributors utilizing stickers with warnings about distributing alcohol to minors. Stickers are placed on products purchased at participating stores with reminders of the dangers of supplying minors with alcohol and reminders to keep our youth safe.

Prescription Drug Take Back

An event in partnership with the Ketchikan Police Department providing a time to drop off unused or expired prescription drugs to KPD to be properly destroyed, allowing people to safely disposed of their prescription drugs while simultaneously keeping them out of the hands of youth and those in recovery.

Join a Taskforce

Interested in getting involved? Want to find out more about the Drug Prevention Coalition or the Wellness Coalition? Contact us to learn more! 


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