Mental Health First Aid is an evidence-based curriculum that was designed to extend the concept of basic first aid training to include mental health and substance use challenges. Participants learn how to identify, understand, and respond to signs that someone may be experiencing a mental health and/or substance use challenge. MHFA is shown to reduce the stigma associated with mental illness, increase community knowledge about mental health challenges, and connect those who are struggling to the support they need.

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  • A full, interactive training day with a robust curriculum, opportunities to develop real skills, and an expanded support network of other Mental Health First Aiders
  • A comprehensive list of local, regional, and national resources to support someone experiencing mental health or substance use challenges
  • A 230+ page reference manual to maintain you understanding and support you when you need a refresher
  • A 3-year certification as a Mental Health First Aider, with a printable certificate
  • A profile on the Mental Health First Aid website so you can keep track of your training, review the curriculum, and receive additional resources

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